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[WI] NFS-No Limits

I am an avid gamer and especially I’m into racing games. This week while playing one of my favourite racing game Need For Speed: No Limits [NFS: NL] it just struck me, wow this is an awesome example of Graphic Design.


Need For Speed : No Limits

Car models, Background, Subjects, game layout, dark theme throughout the game, high lights are eye candy.

Let’s talk about car modelling and physics. Car are modelled in aspect ratio of real car. They have been show with metallic pain finish( fluidic effect) and they look as good as actual car in real world

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Character Design and Dialogues:

Character are just put in form of comic strip and their conversations, too. Every conversation hols its own window so that it’s properly visible to viewer/gamer. Attention to the details is terrific and dialogue boxes stand out from the background for the same reason.

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Placement of each thing is so well laid out, Speedometer on left bottom corner, GAS on right and major view is for the main game play. Keep interaction perspective in mind, all controls are at easiest reach possible & huge space for game play leads to amazing experience.


Progress indicator & Award’s Menu

Circular indicator of Progress (REP Points) and awards are so laid according to Fitt’s law. So much according to theme and easily accessible via thumb.



San Serif typeface are used crossed the game which again perfectly matches the theme of the game. Usual format is darker background and white/bright colour fonts across the game. As you can observe in above image.


What could be a better browser than a MAP for car racing game. All accessible menu option are labelled as a stop on a map, highlighted in a way that it stands out from rest of the background.


End Note : EA’s done great job to put up everything all together so nicely graphic & interaction design perspective may it be mind bloggling game play experience or eye candy graphic and themes.

Picture Credits : All pictures use in this blog are actual game play screenshot of EA’s Need For Speed – No Limits iOS Mobile Game.

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