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[WI] Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity by Mike Karolos


Identity Creation

Identity is the cornerstone of one of the most important areas of study in recent years: corporate marketing (Balmer, 2008). This term provides the foundation for numerous concepts, such as corporate brand identity (Balmer, 2012). This identity type encompasses specific values and features that, associated to the corporate brand, represent an organization and the products offered to the market (Balmer and Greyser, 2002).

Here, Mike Karolos designer has made a concept corporate identity for the TV series character “Heisenberg” or else Walter White from Breaking Bad.

It’s very interesting to notice attention to details to user centric design. Designer incorporates all the known facts about the client/user and makes the corporate identity which intern is awesome.

Client Details (on the basis of interview)

  1. User Requirement: Corporate identity for his business and a package design for some mysterious content.

  2. Business Details: Sensitive Business. No other details but the name “Heisenberg”, the color blue and crystals.

  3. E-Mail: Client doesn’t have e-mail address but he’s the one who knocks.Designer creates visiting card, envelope, letter head, stamp and pouch for mysterious content using the crystal theme and blue color paired with black to create that feel.

Let’s dive into design details:

Center Logo Design



Logo needs to be used across all the design and is central part of the design which provides a unique identity to the person/business. Design focuses on the name and the appearance of the client, basically the known facts about the user. This shows how important is user for the identity creation.

Theme & Color Scheme


Identity Creation

Whole theme focuses on crystals and blue colors combines with black to provide the design more mysterious feel. Background color is black, main text is white colored and highlighted text is again blue colored.


Once the logo’s designed stamps was supposed to be the embossed form of design to be converted into stamps.



Letter Head & Envelope

For both the entities contains the logo on top left corner and contact details over leaf/bottom.sing the same color scheme with black background, blue colors design and crystal shape designs.

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