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[WI] Doodle-4-Google


Google Doodle is very famous and creative piece of art we see on google’s search engine home page. Google Doodle is temporary and changes according the local occasions or major happenings. Like country’s election, christmas celebration or a tribute to some personalities who have contributed a lot for humanity in various ways.

Google’s come up with a campaign to inspire kids to doodle up. It’s an inspirational step by step video where kids in school get inspired as to how to go about doodling. Google’s featured the creative folks from the company who work on their regular doodle. Whole tutorial is divided into three parts imagine, create share and collaborate which are discussed as follows and the links to those videos are also provided.

These three step process is quite similar to what we do in class on weekly basis. Once students have started thinking about what makes them unique, they can watch this three-part video series to find out how Google Doodlers approach the creative process.

1: Imagine


Imagine focuses on the first stage of the process, where students will generate ideas and ask questions. They talk about how to they draw, what’s creativity to them. What inspires and helps them to draw. How music and relaxing helps them concentrate to doodles. How does they get inspired! Some gets inspired from books and movies, some research, some doodle board some just look, learn and listen. Doodler’s usually keep jotting down their own ideas where ever they go. Some use markers, some pencils others use digital tools. By knowing how Doodlers go about the things in google an budding doodler can get inspired from.

2: Create


Once they are done with the idea of “what to”. They plunge “how to”!! One of the basic strategy they have is to brainstorm. They come up with something which someone hasn’t seen or heard. Brainstorming meetings are the main source. They play games and do a lot of activity on the decided topic; this way it is fun as well a way of getting work done. Major obstacle one would stumble upon is what medium to use. Some uses digital media to gather as many as picture of what they want and then combine them all to create somethings totally new. Some uses their photography and craft work skill to make some models. Making the design your own is the most crucial part of whole process, one can copy an original work to learn how-it-was-made but coming up with something on your own is what takes it to next level of inspiration. Sophia Dion’s tip on a strong belief that “what you have to say is important and that you can show it to other people”.

3: Share and Collaborate

In the third stage of the creative process, students are encouraged to explain their artwork and provide constructive feedback on the creations of others. Students will see how sharing and collaborating can help them refine their vision and make their doodles the best they can be.

Finally, they submit all their design and top 40 gets selected to attend google’s event and one lucky winner gets to feature his/her drawing on google’s homepage as a google doodle.

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