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[WI] Figure-Ground & World Around

This week’s inspiration is the about the Gestalt’s principal and its existence in the world around. Knowingly, unknowingly we would have come across many graphics which uses this Gestalt’s principal. But, now that I am aware of it I tend to notice it. And you would be as well surprised where and how it can used to demonstrate meaningful illustration, to market products, depict alphabets, to be novel cover page or just artist’s impression.


Coca-Cola’s been known for its marketing and it’s no less involved in graphic as well. In above depicted illustrations it show how creatively they are used figure-ground concept to create the shape of their iconic bottle using floater and knife-fork. And another picture show connection between two human as well the coke wave where as in the centre there’s coke bottle portraying coke connect them.Emotional marketing to its full potential.

Media: Movie posters and novel covers

Another common area where we see figure ground being used frequently are novel cover pages and movie posters. Here are some remarkable examples.

  1. Criminal Underworld show batman and penguin juxtaposed

  2. Two Tower of LOR grounded against hand and golden precious ring

  3. Clint Eastwood posed against gun, poster’s about the dirty police and crime.

  4. Rocky climbing up against its failure

  5. Sherlock Holmes in the smoke against it’s pipe.

Typography & Logos:

Each letter speak its own story likewise each letter can be depicted with a meaning attached to it using figure ground principal. Let’s consider some of the examples here. 1. ‘F’ show Folder 2. ‘F’ show a bus 3. ‘M’ show mountain, 4. ‘OUT’ with horizontal strike-through and part coming out of each letter complements the word itself 5. Whole set of alphabet where in each letter represent a villain from famous stories, movie, novels and comic series.

Artistic works:

Many illustrator contributes to this segment creating beautiful as well-meaning artworks. Some of them can seen here..

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