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[WI] AlcoholEdu

AlcoholEdu for college

This week’s inspiration is an Educational web site which is called “AlcoholEdu” for college whose main intention is to educate college students about the facts of having alcohol and let them judge about the quantity which should be taken, when and where…?

Best part about this web content I felt was the ability to hold your attention. And factors I think that were attention holder are Lucid Graphic and illustration show, colour scheme and colours, flow of the information and content the way the items where highlighted in the transition let to an good user experience at last.

Let me go through few of them individually,

Photo Illustration and Colours

Photo that are illustrated here are meaningful and interesting.

Colours used across the websites are very energetic and youthful again keeping in mind the young audience they are addressing. Colour like red, orange, neon green, magenta in contrast of sky-blue.

Darker background (dark blue) and brighter (magenta) header-footer strips.


Sans-Serif was used across the website especially for text part. Usually text is either white or black to make it readable from the rest of the background.


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Highlighting had been the major and critical part of the content design of the web-site. Almost all the slide had one or the other way of highlighting being used; majorly to depict the selected or active part amongst rest of the option or selectable.

Info Graphics

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Info graphic cannot always be that great and thus miss to bring life to the content. All infographic are very interesting in the website and most of are interact-able, too. Information and graphics are so very well blend.

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