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Poster : Evolution of Batman ( 1940-2012 )

Photo Coutsey :

Evolution Of Bat-Logos



I’m a big time The Batman fan. This week, on 17/09/2016 was the “The Batman Day”.

As I’m so much into it and follow it, I came across this fan-made illustration which dipicts evolution of bat-logos over past 72 years! ( Though few of the recent onces are missing like 75th anniversary one & Batman Vs. Superman movie ones and couple more )

There will be Batman-centric promotions, free comic book giveaways, talent signings and more all to honor the character that has become a Superhero to many generations and continues to inspire fans across the globe.

What has inspired me:

Makes me wonder how can a single idea(logo) be represented in so many different ways!! Representing the a single logo of the movie or video-game it belongs to and the over all flavour, director & editors who have somehow influenced the design of the logo as whole.

What’s to be appreciate ?!

If we see the artist’s pespective of this posters, all the logos above share the same theme and abstracted in similar formating. For example : shades of gray and blacks are used to give the feel of Dark Knight theme. It’s quite informative i.e. lists the movie/game name, year and director of the movie along with the symbols/logo used for batman used for the movie/game. Another worth noticing thing is the formatting and alignment, they are arranged in tile view each movie name bit bolder and easy noticable in contradiction with details are slightly have smaller fonts, thus hiding irrelevant information. Layout : generally posters are in portrait layout and easy to read and manage that way. Clean & Minimalist  approch of design used.


We can clearly see the design were very entry-level initially and tacky, too. Logos has evolved noticeably to be more sophesticated and techno as have movies over the time.

End Note:

To end; Don’t be scared in nights, Dark Knight’s watching over.

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