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[PE] Order Forms

All of the forms I could capture during the span of this week were from library – Magazine subscription forms.

Common Observation

All of these Subscription forms had data entry options like Blanks for Personal details (name, address and email), Payment mode in form of Check Boxes to pay with the envelope or bill later.

Each subscription for had an info-graphic or glimpse of the magazine itself to grab the attention of the viewer/subscriber.

Subscription Offers were the catchy part with exclamations. If subscribed for 24 months we get some % of discount on fees.


Feedback form: few of the subscription forms had space for feedback for the magazine

Surveys: one form had a special detailing about the survey they were taking for subscribers

Theme:  Art magazine varied from the science and the literature magazine and so did their subscription forms, too; in regards of the colour scheme & formatting, especially.

Typefaces:  Type face of tech(wired) magazine were more whimsy as compared to the one in science journal(Popular Science) subscription.

Elements could be used at UB Cafe

A way of text entry: Blanks to enter the name and other info & Check boxes to choose/select options.

Theme: submission form should adhere to the theme of the café

Info Graphic: Actually some of the text can be replaced by obvious graphic for simplicity and ease of use.

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