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[CW] Tracing the Grid – Reflection

Are these Grids working?

The page of the magazine that I was assigned to trace the grid and other anatomical factor of the grid didn’t have any particular grid that match exactly with the common grids namely manuscript, column, modular and hierarchical. But yes these grid work in general. They are the grid usually used. My page of the magazine can be thought of using combination of Hierarchical as well Column grid.

How could you use this grid in your assignment?

Type designer have broken the grid here and have tried to utilize maximum space of the page and spacing the huge image in the page. Image and the text are in 2/3 and 1/3 of the whole layout. And the text is arranged in two-three column. Though its broken grid looks well organized and readable.

This can sure be used in my assignment for similar purpose when I would require to make best uses of the space while placing the content in well-organized manner.

 How does tracing the grid helps

Tracing helps actually understand the grid system being used in the real world ( magazine or printed media ) with more concentration. Tracing the grid provides an insight into how and what sort of grid is suitable for which type of content. For example : most of the webistes uses Golden Ration Grid, News Columns uses multiple column grid magazine might break the grid to maximize the utilization of space available on the page or beautify the content.

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