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The flying fruit cafe

Graphic Design | Prototype | Wireframe


did I do?

Redesigned the Order-Sheet for The Choice Program be used at The Flying Fruit Cafe, Baltimore.


Developed Interactive App Prototype as an alternative to paper order-sheet for future implementation. 




did I do?

Existing order-sheet was cluttered & confusing for baristas as well as customers. The client wanted it simple, intuitive and efficient for the customer to fill and baristas to understand it.


about project.













The Choice Program | UMBC


 Aug '16 - Oct '16


 Adobe Illustrator 


 Graphic Design, Prototype,   Wireframe.



Problem Description

This Graphic Design project was a part of course HCC - 710 : Graphic Design for Interactive Systems. This was a semester-long project for The Flying Fruit Café, University of Baltimore in partnership with The Choice Program. Main objective was to redesign the Order-Sheet for the café and come up with an Interactive Version for the Order-Sheet which would eventually be installed on Order-Kiosk at Café. This project basically puts in all the graphic design illustration done for the UMBC The Choice Program-Flying Fruit Kiosk. This project was mentored by Dr. Amy Hurst 


Map-Exploration Theme was used to present a printed portfolio for the project. Portfolio unfolds from a square piece to full-size map revealing whole design process sequentially. Graphic Design was done in Adobe Illustrator and the Prototype was created on MarvelApp.




  • Understand aspects of Typography & Graphic Design.

  • Gather Requirements.

  • Re-Design Order-Sheet, Napkin Holders & Coffee Air-pot Covers.

  • Present whole process in Printed Portfolio to the client.


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Learning Graphic Design Basics:


  • Understood aspects of Typography & Graphic Design.

  • Hands-on: Key forms, Grid, Spacing, Abstract Design and Typography.

Requirements Gathering:


  • On-site observation - First-hand client site observation.

  • Informal User Interview -  Problem faced, improvements needed, understanding the order process.

Wire Frames and Prototypes creation:
  • Created wireframes - Portrait mode & Landscape mode.





































  • Iteration  based on user feedback, revisited the design in 3 iterations.



















Interactive Prototyping:
  • Using MarvelApp - created an interactive prototype for portrait-mode using finalized wire-frame design.





Finalizing Print Portfolio:
  • The portfolio unfolds from a square piece to full-size map unveiling whole design process, sequentially. The design was set on a huge poster, front and back. The folded version would start from a single cover page with title and the second one would be content-page, sequentially unveiling the whole portfolio in exploration-map fashion. Here I have unveiled the front and back design of the poster.



v 0.0 | Existing Order Sheet

v 0.0 | Existing Order Sheet

This Breakfast Ordering sheet was being used at cafe by customers.

v 1.0 | First Design

v 1.0 | First Design

First Design with graphics and basic idea. Landscape Layout.

v 2.0 | Landscape

v 2.0 | Landscape

Improvements after first iteration based on feedback. Using Column Grid.

v 2.0 | Portrait

v 2.0 | Portrait

Improved design wire-framed in portrait mode for better flow of selection.

v.3.0 | Final Landscape

v.3.0 | Final Landscape

This was finalized design in Landscape layout.

v 3.0 | Final Portrait

v 3.0 | Final Portrait

This is finalized design of Order Sheet in Portrait Layout.

v.1 Feedback 2

v.1 Feedback 2

v.1 Feedback 1

v.1 Feedback 1

v 3.0 Feedback - Existing Design

v 3.0 Feedback - Existing Design

v 3.0 Feedback - Column Grid

v 3.0 Feedback - Column Grid

v 3.0 Feedback - Manuscript Grid

v 3.0 Feedback - Manuscript Grid

  • Learned Visual Communication Principles- Sketching, Typography, Color, Grids, Layouts, Image Manipulation, Visual Language 

  • Learned Adobe Suite tools- Photoshop, Illustrator.

  • Learned iterative design process, Design Critiquing methods (The Hamburger Method)


  • Requirements gathering and accordingly defining the Visual Language for the Order Sheet, Napkin Holders & Air-pots. 

  • Detailed creation of the Style Guide - Layout, Typography, Color Scheme, Image-Text ratio 

  • Idea Generation- From sketching to Mock-up to Final Designs.

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