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02 Dashboard design

Prototype | User Testing


Conceptualized a dashboard for Database Admin Experience, which uses underlying AI to bring forth problems that need attention. This dashboard is intended to run on ZOWE, an open source Mainframe GUI Platform.


This component is forefront of database system. Admins can simply have a quick glance and fix any problem with system with a single click.


A mixture of 3 different types of database system, requires a smart forefront for admin to manage them. Dashboard hosts notifications, errors and status of various database components a performance monitoring, storage, policy management, e.t.c.













IBM z Systems


Nov '18 - Feb '19


 Axure RP 8, Carbon Design System

Prototype,  Interaction Design, Wireframe, User Flow



Problem Description

A smarter GUI redesign of mixture of 3 differnt database management system for a mainframe needs smarter dashboard. Monday Morning Dashboard (MMD) has to be a to-go destination for DBAs to look for any details, problem and have an overview of the whole system. A design that display the status of whole system, problems that need attention and details that help admin plan for future like capacity planning and maintenance activities.

Final out come is a dashboard which would mainly comprise of components like : centralized notifications, storage system status, performance status , Push/Pull requests Design is done on Axure RP 8.


  • Understanding Mainframe, Underlying Performance & Database systems.

  • Sympathizing  user's future needs.

  • Designing for the components of Dahsboard.

  • Putting it all together.

  • Interaction design.

Process Highlights

Understanding Concepts:

  • IBM's Mainframe Z systems are retro and has huge learning curve.

  • Intensive study of user manuals and tutorials.​

  • Learning about the database, performance, notification system, pull/push API's requests.

  • Plan to harmonically marry all the concepts in one place.

Designing the component of dashboard​

  • Initial mock-ups for components.

Storage - Utilization

V 1.0

Disk Mgmt (S).png

V 1.1

Storage Components

Improvements on layout, orientation, information, accesibility. 


Trying out various ways to visualize CPU performance

Conceptualizing CPU Utilization component

V 1.0 - OK State

CPU - Utilizationtion

V 1.1 - Not OK State

Data Mgmt (S).png

Improvements on layout, orientation, information, accesibility. 

Consistency Component

Improvements on layout, orientation, information, accesibility. 

V 1.1

V 1.0

V 1.3

BCP - (S) - WIP1
BCP - (S) - WIP
BCP (S).png

Backup & Recovery Component

Data Mgmt (L).png
CPU - Final - Graph
CPU - Final - Bars

Other Components

Putting everything together

  • All the components together makes a dashboard.

  • Final version for first release.



  • Learned Mainframe concepts - System interaction, functionalities, basics. 

  • Importance of Orientaion and layout.

  • A/B Testing about various versions

  • Fast paced short-term delivery: 1 month deadline.


  • Huge learning curve

  • Notification Conceptualization.

  • Having to assume future user's needs, as this is R&D project. 

  • Fast paced delivery and communication with stake-holders.

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