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[RR] Why Design-Blogs?

In this era of technology as has telecommunication, social gathering and way we conduct meetings have evolved, rather would say have completely changed; so have marketing, too! Blogs are the place where one, especially an graphic design can post their work, interest, design approaches to influence society, current as well as future clients whilst keep the content eye-pleasing and easy access to world via www.

Making own space

Making a difference in the way you work helps you make space for yourself amongst peers and could as well help impress clients. Gradually this would shape one into industry expert and help their selves and rest of the world appreciate the effort they put in.

Tweak the Google

Google is the God! Everything one wants to find, google has the answer for it. Making yourself searchable easily would make a huge difference in marketing yourself. Search Engine Optimization techniques and other tweaks can help you a lot in this task.

Crowd matters

Of course blog’s +1 for freelancing graphic designers on the flipside it’s equally important for job seekers as well. Employers are really interested in real life result and blog give them proof of your skill in form of realized results and work approach. Having pre-existing audience or in-house design team is icing on the cake.

It’s your time line of work

Not only it allows you to keep an organised record of your projects and works but helps you peep into past and introspect the mistakes, lacking and bad concepts you would have used in past. This helps you NOT-TO-REPEAT-THE-HISTORY and make future decision as to which track to choose.


It’s all about branding and advertisement. Start treating yourself as budding company, collect data about clients and important people who shows interest in your work. Blog’s a centralized hug where all these purpose can be served.

Last but not the least, we as a designer are visual artist and we play around graphic and look-of-the-product, what better place can be than a Blog to start with!


Based on blog ‘5 Reasons Why You Need a Design Blog’ by Roberto Blake at

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